Cleaning & Decontamination

During this current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic we are working hard to assist our clients to reduce the risk to staff and public. 

We provide commercial deep cleaning, decontamination and bacteria testing – Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP Tests) in London and surrounding areas.

The amount of ATP detected indicates which areas need to be re-cleaned which will help prevent the spread of viruses causing customers, patients and staff falling ill. 

ATP is an enzyme that is present in all living cells and ATP monitoring detects the amount of organic matter that remains after cleaning any surface.

During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Deep cleaning and decontamination is essential, especially food preparation and food service businesses such as bars, restaurants, school canteens and work canteens.

Health related organisations too such as dental practices, medical centres, Veterinary clinics, public buildings and hospitals are very important.

overview Of service

ATP Testing provides you with the necessary monitoring, tracking and results to allow you to prove you are meeting expectations and performing your due diligence when in a liability position, or just for your staff health and peace of mind.

An ATP Testing Program for your business will locate contaminated high-touch ‘hotspots’ in your business that have been causing your staff to contract infections, Coronavirus (COVID-19), flu strains (such as, H1N1), colds and other viral contaminants that are present on your surfaces.

Recommendations for use

Deep cleaning, Decontamination and ATP Testing is recommended for the following businesses:

• Catering: Food Preparation, Bars, Restaurants, Schools and Offices

• Medical Facilities: Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors, Medical Centres, etc

• Post Flood/Sewage contamination cleans

• High Risk working environments

We test the following areas for contamination levels:

• Food prep surfaces and service areas

• Common area hot spots

• Post flood clean up testing

• Sterile area testing

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