Gutter Cleaning

Roof gutters if left unchecked and not regularly cleaned can soon build up with debris and organic growth. 

Ingress of water into structure of building can cause serious problems both short and long term, not only can this cause financial damage but damp and mould can be hazardous to the respiratory system of workers and residents.

services include

• Gutter pole and vacuum system 

• Siphonic Drain System cleaned 

• High level access including Mewp and Platform 

• Drainage CCTV Survey

• Pressure wash and DOFF systems

• Repairs and Post clean reports

Regular Maintenance

P&S can offer a 6 monthly , annual and bi annual gutter cleaning service to keep drains and gutters in clear and working order. 

Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding costly damage to your property, health and safety of workers/ residents and damage to stock and equipment.

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