Hard Floor Cleaning
and Maintenance

P&S are able to clean any of the following hard floor surfaces:

• Real wood flooring

• Stone

• Vinyl

• Ceramic tiling

• Children’s safety flooring

• Laminate

• Pressure washing


Common areas

Besides the obvious foot traffic, these have their own set of cleaning requirements for hard surfaces and flooring. Our system will have your common areas in great shape in no time at all.

Often cleaning hard surfaces still leaves a layer of dirt embedded into the surface. This is how a hard surface, though cleaned regularly, still becomes discoloured, dull and generally dirty looking. A visit from our cleaning team will restore and revitalise your restrooms making them look clean in no time at all.

Kitchens/ Restaurants/ Coffee shops

Food prep areas naturally come with grim and trodden in dirt. Dirty flooring in these areas tend to have almost everything on them from grease to muddy boot prints. 

All of this leads to a floor with built in grime and grease. Our Hard Floor cleaning systems will clean and revitalise the floor to it original condition.

Health Clubs/Swimming Pools/Changing Rooms

Because of the very nature of these particular floors, a constantly clean floor is paramount. In order to portray the clean and healthy living of these areas, your premise needs to maintain the cleaning. 

Here at P&S, we can not only clean these areas regularly, we can seal them to prevent dirt, grime and dullness building up in the first place.


Kitchens, utility rooms, lounges, halls and dining room with tiled floors can have their appearance dramatically enhanced and brightened up following one of our deep cleans. Return your floor to its original, freshly laid glory and reveal the original colour of your floor covering!
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